Is it possible to open a conversation from an article?

  • 30 November 2023
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Hey all! I was wonder if it’s possible to open a chat directly from a button in an article and to have a workflow identify which article the customer came from? Speaking from a Mobile app experience.

The desired goal here is that when a customer opens a specific article from their Mobile App, the article presents the information and essentially let the customer know that support will need to assist with this issue. A contact support button will be present in the article they can click. When the customer clicks this button, it would open a chat automatically and we would have a workflow recognize that the customer came from this article so they’ll start going through this specific workflow right away instead.


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Hi @User2161 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


At the moment you wouldn’t be able to insert a button within an article to start a conversation then triggers a Workflow for an end user. However there is a way to launch the Messenger based on a negative react to an article! When a customer reacts negatively to an article, we immediately send an automatic reply, which opens up the conversation and gives you a second chance to resolve their problem. You wouldn’t be able to trigger a specific workflow with this feature though. This is a great feature request for the team!