Replacing linking Salesforce KB articles with Intercom Articles

  • 7 October 2020
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Bare with me as this is really abstract.


Goal: Drive customers into our apps with bonus of any follow on engagement being in app and live (we know who you are, where you are and what you are doing)


Use Case; Agents share links to customers via a click which adds link to an email which sends customers to an external SF community knowledge base.


Preferred Use Case; Agent shares a link to an article that send an in app message with the article content in the message so they stay in the app.


Thinking this through it feels like a bunch of API wizardry would be needed on both the Salesforce and Intercom end to get this experience.


An alternate option would be able to surface Intercom articles in Service Cloud via the Articles API but against a bunch of API wizardry.


Has anyone thought of doing anything a bit abstract like this or is it just me 😮.


Full disclaimer, I have zero DEV or API skills.


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2 replies


Hi @craig​ , If I get you correctly, you want to open a Salesforce KB inside the Intercom messenger? 


Like - Help center article insert works in Intercom? 

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That was one option but it feels like a heavy build to move that beast in versus the below;

Being able to link to Intercom articles from within SFDC Service Cloud

Options to;

  • Attach and Share article via Message (In App)
  • Attach and Share article via Email


But ultimately we send users to Intercom (from Salesforce) rather than to the Salesforce Community KB.