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  • 7 February 2024
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This may seem like a strange question but thought I’d ask

Can SSL be setup on a domain that is unhosted? The domain I want to use for link branding is just used for my email addresses via Google Workspace. So don’t need hosting for it other than for link branding. 

Thank you.



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Hey @Graham Cox,


Does Google Workspace allow you to create a CNAME record for your domain? If so, you can use the HTTPS (Quick Setup) option on your Help Center settings. To be able to use custom domain for your help center you’d need to create a CNAME record anyway, but the quick setup option also comes with built-in SSL certificate from Intercom. So you won’t need any additional configuration other than creating a CNAME record as shown here.


So to answer, your question, this depends on whether you are able to create a CNAME record for your domain on your Google Workspace panel or not. It would be a good call to check this with them if you are not sure.


Also note that the HTTPS (quick setup) will be disabled (greyed out) unless all criteria are met, which are as follows -

  • Make sure your Help Center website is turned on
  • Make sure you have at least one article published

Hope this helps! 😊

Hi Ayk,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately no, but I can set it up in namecheap. Is that still ok?


Assuming it is, let’s say I want my help center url to be, I’m not sure what to enter as the Target when setting up the CNAME record. On the article link it says:


“If you selected HTTPS (quick setup) in your settings note that the Intercom host domain will be different than the ones listed below. For quick setup they are:

  • Intercom US:
  • Intercom Europe:
  • Intercom Australia:”

but it doesn’t say what it will be?

Can you advise me please. Thank you.