Can Customer Details be Modified?

  • 20 October 2022
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Hello Everyone,


Our CSMs/OBCs often forward customer emails, which pull into Intercom as our company. We are trying to track chats per company, which skews those results. I tried updating the email address in the chat field, but the details stayed the same.


Is there a way to update the customer details?




Best answer by Oseas 27 October 2022, 16:06

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1 reply

Hey @chelsea w​! Oséas here from the Customer Support Specialist team 🕵️


The easiest way to update user data is by adding Qualification data to your user details. This is a special set of data that can be manually updated from the user's profile or from the conversation sidebar. However, you'll only be able to update the email address if the user has a user_id value to be used as the primary key, otherwise, the email address will be used as identification and it won't be updated.