I need to download all activity for one customer, including the lifetime history of page views and visit time stamps. Is that possible?

  • 4 November 2022
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We have a "customer" who is committing theft of IP. I am trying to download the entire history of this customer's time on the website, which I know is timestamped by Intercom but we are only shown a small snippet on the customer profile page. Does anyone know of any way to download a more complete history of customers? What I love about Intercom's tracking is it shows dates and times. This would be really helpful.


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Hey @toni​ ! Oséas here from the Customer Support Specialist team 🕵️


This is not possible since we only store value for the last visited URL by a contact. Every time they load the Messenger on a different page the previous value is overridden. One thing that you could do to start tracking these values over time is to use our "Retrieve a contact" endpoint to build an automation that will store these values in your system.