Getting 500 error when sending a reply

  • 22 February 2024
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In console I am getting


  1. errors: [{code: "client_error", message: "Unknown server error"}]
  2. request_id: "000345fhkb1vhl6q4p8g"
  3. type: "error.list"

This happens also to the internal intercom conversations


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12 replies

We are facing the same problem. 

same problem,  intercom is totally out of control 


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Sigh, how can reach their support ? Our whole operation impact 

Same for me (company is in Germany). I can’t forward messages, answer and/or close them. In addition to that: The tries from the messages which should be forwarded are empty new “conversations” which I also can’t close.

And their Support Chatbot is also not working.

I emailed them on this address but no response so far 


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I can't reach their support at all, and they I think this bring all of us to this community, lol

Their server status says it’s down, but that’s not very helpful for any of us. I assume no one has actually managed to talk to a human or get any reassurance or eta? 
As a support platform, once again their support is seriously lacking...

I see they've put a message out. The sad thing is there is no ETA. How are you guys managing the impact?

Well, we used to call every single customer to resolve the issue, before someone discovered that if you open the previous chat and respond there, it works.






Everything appears to be functioning normally now.







We’re still having a bit of a hangover from it but it seems to be mainly sorted. But it’s had a huge impact on our support all morning.
Some personal contact, reasons or apology from Intercom would be appreciated. But I won’t hold my breath. 🤷

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Hi all 👋 We experienced an outage earlier today that prevented our customers (including ourselves for a time) from replying to conversations, re-assigning conversations and closing conversations, among other things

Our engineers have shipped a fix for this and you should now be able to reply to, assign and create new conversations without issue. You can keep an eye on our Status Page for updates on this.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this outage - if you wrote to us via the Messenger we will be in touch with you ASAP 🙏