How do you track external feedback to link it to a Tracker Ticket?

  • 1 December 2023
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We receive feedback and requests to our direct emails, on phone calls, through text messages, and in Slack. We are starting to use Tickets in Intercom to keep track of the requests so we can easily send out emails through Intercom to whoever specifically requested something. The problem is: if my coworker heard feedback from a customer and shares that with me in Slack, it’s odd for me to open a conversation with the customer in Intercom. I’d like to create the Tracker Ticket type of “Feature Request,” and link the customer to the specific ticket without having to jump through hoops or send an awkward email from Intercom like “Hey, I know you spoke with my colleague and you don’t need to reply to this, but we’re on it!” Especially if it’s for a feature request we know we aren’t going to have bandwidth to get to for at least 3 months.

I would love to know how y’all are managing this.


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Hi @Laura Ciccone -- Cam from the Intercom Support team here 😁

Thanks so much for passing along that feedback and context, that’s very helpful. I certainly do see what you’re saying and can understand how having the ability to create that type of Tracker Ticket without requiring that it be attached to an open Conversation at that moment would be quite useful. 

I’ve submitted a Feature Request for this to our Product Development team for them to consider as they plan for the future. I don’t believe this type of capability is on the current development roadmap but hopefully the team opts to pick it up and we see it added at some point in the near-future 👍