What to do when Product Tour is not firing? (Troubleshooting guide)

  • 19 March 2024
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Your Product Tour may not be showing or sending for a number of reasons. I'll review a few, but let me know if this does not sound familiar to you.

  1. Intercom Messenger must be installed on the page the tour is built on. If Messenger isn’t installed on the page you built the tour on, the tour will not work.
    To make sure your Messenger is installed, you can check your Network tab in your Browser Developer Tools (Fn+F12) and put Ping in the search bar.
    If there are some logs, it means that Intercom is installed on your website. 👇


  2. If a user matches for multiple tours at the same time through the “Show tour automatically” audience rules, we will only send the user the most recently updated tour by date.

  3. The audience rule might not be set up correctly in “Show tour automatically.”. For example, this could be set up for users rather than leads (you can click on the toggle there to change the audience).

  4. The page URL in the audience rules in “Show tour automatically” may be incorrect.


  5. If the CSS selector of the first pointer step is not present on the page, this doesn’t need to be the first step of the tour, but it does need to be the first pointer step of the tour. Look at this article to learn more about CSS selectors.

We also have a helpful article on testing your tour, which could help identify and fix the issue that's occurring. 😊

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