Can we use Google Tag Manager to incremental count in intercom

  • 19 October 2023
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Hey ,

I have a use case that I'm not sure intercom can fully satisfy.
I have GTM and Google analytic ,where I am tracking a count who clicked on payment button . So far our requirement is full filled . Now we want same count need to store on intercom with , user name ,email and payment , payment count must increase if same user click on multiple time . our purpose of doing this will be show some banner / tour when payment count is 1.

Would anyone be able to help ?Ā 


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Hi @gk085Ā !

You can track Events via GTM and send metadata along with it. Every Event that you create in Intercom automatically has 3 standard metadata components to it: Count, First Occurred, and Last Occurred. That Count attribute should give you the information that youā€™re looking for! You can add your own custom metadata to that Event as well.

You can read up on how our GTM integration works in this article.

Note that if you have troubleĀ tracking custom eventsĀ that rely on GTM's data layers we recommend getting support from Google directly!