Feature request: a visual pipeline to view users/companies at different stages of funnel

  • 8 November 2020
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Having a visual pipeline (similar to Hubspot, Pipedrive etc.) in Intercom would be incredibly valuable and would probably remove the need altogether for a separate CRM tool like Hubspot/Pipedrive. I’m quite surprised Intercom hasn’t introduced something like this yet. It shouldn’t be overly complex and would add so much value to Intercom and their customers.


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6 replies

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Hi @user223​ ,


To track your sales pipeline, you should use CRM software like: Pipedrive, Salesforce, Amo CRM and etc.

You should Integrate CRM to Intercom, this are two separate tools that are working perfectly together.


This is my opinion, to request feature you should post it @Product Wishlist​ Group.

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I would love this. We use Intercom as our CRM and it's almost there in terms of being a true CRM. This feature would be a good step in that direction.

This + ability to set tasks (follow ups, check-ups) first manually and with workflow automations, and we're home, no need for a CRM for product led companies that don't do much of account management.

Exactly Kamil! 🙌


Those 3 things and there's no need for an external CRM


  1. visual pipeline
  2. task/reminder scheduling on a user/company level
  3. workflow management and automation


While I am all game for a visual pipeline feature, I think Intercom's interface regarding lead details is pretty clear. I can instantly know what apps my user is using, from which date, add notes for my teams, and all. As for having automated reminders for follow-ups or calls or knowing which stage a lead is in, I think the best route is to integrate Intercom with any CRM that you might be using. Intercom is essentially a chat platform and a very good one at that. For instance, we have Intercom integrated with Pipedrive, which serves all our purposes. Infact there are so many CRMs Intercom already offers integration with. Check them out here:


do we have tasks, follow ups and so on already?