How we manage low-touch forecasting and scheduling (partnering with Assembled)

  • 28 July 2023
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I’m Brandon, the Workforce Manager on the Customer Support team at Intercom. My primary responsibility at Intercom is to ensure that we have the right people, at the right place, at the right time in order to answer our customers’ queries in a timely fashion - and we’ve partnered with the workforce management tool Assembled to make this process easier for myself.

With Assembled, we are able to connect Intercom directly to the tool through API integration. In doing so, Assembled is able to ingest and track the number of conversations that flow through all our specific inboxes. The tool then uses this historical data, along with configurable inputs I provide, to generate future short-term forecasts. I then apply manual adjustments within the tool to fine tune a forecast that is most aligned to our business model.xnSvLOBYB7waq8DWtWV9MQa0B_bruQGiCuYKg3KWUGsKrTAOpR6QJONVpBVH1XYhh7ZCBaeAFM6Cz1fTTeYLEs2NUhS30R7zvU7S7Ga50TYm_87us4pD6GlJHSsZH_TyT4BiDhDVEeqMI7zV1LrhdBM


Once we input the team’s weekly schedule and time off into Assembled, the staffing timeline updates to display our projected supply versus our forecasted demand. I then schedule all our out of the inbox activities (ex. training, upskilling time, etc.) during intervals that we have a highlighted surplus in headcount. The end product is a weekly schedule for all our team members.

If you have any other questions on how Intercom integrates directly with Assembled and how this streamlines the workforce management process, feel free to reach out as I’m happy to chat.


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