Implementing Proactive Support in Flutter with Intercom: Tracking User Time on Pages

  • 18 January 2024
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I am currently developing a Flutter-based application and have integrated Intercom to provide customer support. Our team has encountered a specific requirement where we need to offer proactive assistance to users who spend more than a minute on a particular page, potentially indicating they are facing difficulties. We identified Intercom's proactive support feature as a solution, but it requires setting up a time delay based on user navigation routes.

However, we are facing challenges in implementing this within the Flutter environment. Our initial attempts involved using events to track user time on pages, but this method hasn't yielded the desired results.

I am reaching out to the community for insights or suggestions on how to effectively implement this feature in Flutter. Is there a way to track the current page a user is on, along with the duration of their stay on that page, using Intercom's features or any alternative methods? Any guidance or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Superr.!

I replied to you (or possibly one of your teammates) in another thread about this, but I’ll include the response here as well just to make sure it gets seen.

If you want to automatically open up the Messenger after a specific amount of time, you can achieve this by using a JavaScript setTimeout() method and have it call our Intercom(‘show’) method after the designated time has passed.

It will be up to your dev team to implement that code in your app.

Regarding the Flutter end of things, it might also be good to check out the community page for whatever Flutter wrapper you’re currently using to implement Intercom.