Unidentified users attributes and conversations doesn't get automatically transferred over

  • 2 January 2024
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Before user log in to my app
await Intercom.loginUnidentifiedUser();
await Intercom.presentMessageComposer(`I can’t login blah blah`);
After user log in to my app
if (Platform.OS === ‘ios’) {
  yield Intercom.setUserHash(user.intercom_user_hash_ios) 
} else {
  yield Intercom.setUserHash(user.intercom_user_hash_android);
yield Intercom.loginUserWithUserAttributes({ userId: });

When I implemented with `setUserHash` about the end of 2023, it was transferring info without problem but now it does not transfer anymore, when the user log in to my app, the unidentified account stays with the user. Any idea why it is happening?


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Hey ✋ Ebenezer here from Engineering Support!

Could you provide a bit more context on this issue you're facing? Could you also elaborate more on ”the unidentified account stays with the user”, Do you mean after a lead logs in/registers they stay as a lead?

Would you be able to send screenshots of the console when this happens, it would be really helpful if we could catch any error logs.🙏