As long as product tours doesn't work on mobile, is this a good practice?

  • 2 October 2020
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I'm building my product's onboarding using series. I found that product tours doesn't work on mobile, so I want to show mobile users a post/chat instead of the tour.

Is this a good practice? Is there a better way for matching mobile/desktop users than checking OS prop?




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5 replies

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Hello @user358​ , How about mobile carousels? They are made for on-board mobile users.


More information can be found here:



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Would add an extra data point on the Post (it may already be there) to use Push rather than the default of whatever platform they land on first - there could be a chance they are on desktop and mobile so the post could send to the desktop experience.


Otherwise looks good

Thanks for your answer Titho. It's a webapp, so push is not available. Thanks anyways!

Hi Roy, thanks for your answer. That would be a good option, but I think is only for native apps and I don't have one. I have just one web responsive platform.

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@user358​ In this case, you are totally right. Chat/post - is the best way :)