Automate an intro welcome message to only go out when new employees sign on

Hi all! I am looking to send an automated outbound message every time a new team member signs on for the first time welcoming them to our company.

Ideally, each time somebody with the tag “new nurse” signs on for the first time, this message would be sent to their inbox giving them a brief introduction and some best practices. I don’t want it to show up for anyone who currently has this tag, only new nurses that are starting in the future.

Is there an easy or easier way to accomplish this? I was brainstorming and I suppose I could also create an alternate tag that only new employees get, and then manually remove it once the message goes out?

In short, I want to automate an intro message that will only go out to new employees joining our company. Any help would be appreciated. 


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Hey @Justin McMahon Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


This is definitely possible! If I’m understanding correctly, you’re concerned that the message will go out multiple times after they’ve already logged in for the first time? If so, in addition to your Tag rule you’ll want to add a check for the Signed up date if it’s on the date:

This will only allow the Chat to trigger for users if they match the Tag rule and their signed up date is on that day.

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for your response! This helps. We have new employees starting regularly, so I would also want this intro message to automatically go out to them as well. Is there a way to automate this in the triggers?