Can I create recurring messages with Series or Custom Bots?

  • 30 September 2020
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Hello, Intercom Community.

I would like to make a recursive auto-message that will be sent to the user not once, but each time when some events trigger.



When the user is clicking the button A, the Event-A appears in his event feed. He can click the button A lot of times and each time the Event-A will appear. I would like to send an auto-message to the user each time when Event-A will be triggered


Can it be done with the custom bots, series or any other kind of the apps/products?

Thank you


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Hi @denis t​ - Yes, you can do this with custom bots! You can wire the bot up to trigger on a button click, and it will work repeatedly. We actually have a "template" about how to do this + a demo on our blog if you want to check it out.


I don't believe auto-messages will work here, as a user should only ever receive a message once.


Edit: just to be sure, are you also wanting to push an event in Intercom? Or does what I've described above accomplish your goal?


If you do want to push an event, you could do that via Javascript on the same button that triggers the bot. E.g. user clicks -> push event to Intercom via JS -> also open custom bot

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What Kyle said 😉


Landon Bennett

Co-founder of Intercom apps: Userfeed & Bump

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Guys, thank you very much for the answer!

Let's elaborate a bit. Unfortunately, I cannot tie this to a button. There is a bit of complications in the flow and the whole process.


Long story short - I can target using the event only. Can it be done somehow?

Hey @denis t​ 👋


There aren't any built-in methods for sending recurring messages (they only ever send to a given user one time) or campaigns in Intercom, but we do have a workaround available! As long as you have the necessary developer resources, you could leverage our public REST API to programmatically send one-off messages (as opposed to ongoing messages, which can't be sent through our API) on a recurring basis.


That said, recurring messages have come up before as a feature request, so I've also given that a bump for our product team to see. 👍

Hey Dennis,

Wanted to understand this a bit more (we're working on this problem right now). Is your use case to send the same message or would you see a use case where you might want to send a sequence of messages more than once? I guess this is more to understand what the problem it is that you are trying to solve.

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Hello. Nice to meet you

As a first step just the same message will be enough, I guess 🙂 it will be a great step forward.

@Shwaytaj Raste​ I'm also looking to implement something similar.


Ideally I would like each message to have some custom values (from the event metadata?). For example we want to send out a push notification every time a customer pays with their Mastercard. The event may carry info like amount, currency, name of merchant so that it's dynamic everytime it is triggered.


Is this possible?

Hey Kostas,

One of our teams is working on this right now, so we should have some update on this in the coming weeks 🙂. (I've shared your feedback with Zoe, the Product Manager working on this )

Hi! Is there an update on this? I have a use case in which when a customer places an order (they usually place one order per month) I'd like to be able to send them an order confirmation message and reminder about the delivery process. Most of the programs we run are 6-12 months long, so setting up a recurring series every month becomes pretty tedious. From other posts, it looks as though integrating with api still may be only option, but thought I'd check. Thanks! 😀

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@maddie s11​ A fun feature has been released. Not exactly what we discussed, but works for some cases. Now in the "Rules" tab you can set the event, set the limit on how much per timeframe the message will be sent, and set the conditions to stop sending this message to the same user.



On the example from the screenshot, the message would be sent each time when the user login, but not often than once per 2 days until the user will receive the message 3 times.picture 2021-04-20 в 13.49.02

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@denis t​  This is not yet fully released. I heard it was beta and on request and many of my Intercom environments do not have it yet.

@maddie s11​ you should contact your Intercom Account Manager and ask this to be turned ON if it already is not. BTW, do we know each other? 🙂 I work with an Intercom client where there is a lady called Maddie S.

This is So helpful! Thank you Dennis!

Hey Shwaytaj,


Was this ever released? I'm trying to provide an FAQ bot when customers go to the FAQ page, but it only triggers once and if interacted with, disappears.


I'd love for it to continuously appear when users go to the FAQ page so that the bot can help them through the issue?

Hi @denis t​ 


Where is this feature? I do not have a 'login success' event rule option? It simple uses the 'who will receive this message' or the 'when to send this' but that only has page url and time on page as options?



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@user1046​ @maddie s11​ 


Have two things in the mind:

  • this works for your Events (so you might not see Login success as this is something @denis t​ has as an event in his Intercom)
  • this works for stand-alone messages, not for the ones within the Series (as far as I saw it so far)

Hey Shwaytaj & team, I’m also looking for this feature. My use case is that I use a series to send shipping updates to our customers in a series. So I want them to re-renter the same series every time they order.

Hi @user382​ 


Thats fine about the event, however the bot I've created is not part of a series, its a standalone bot but I dont have this option. You mentioned earlier it is a beta feature, it may be that I need this enabling.

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@user1046​ these new rules work only for messages, not bots.


If you do not see it under stand-alone messages reach out to your Intercom key account manager or Intercom support and ask to be turned on.