Can you merge conversations?

  • 21 September 2023
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I have multiple conversations from the same customer. I would like to merge them into a single conversation for easier tracking.




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Hey @fernando syncta Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


At the moment, Intercom does not support the ability to merge conversations, but some great news- I can confirm that this is a feature on our roadmap! I don’t have any timeline to share, but hopefully we’ll see something in this space in the near future!

It would be great to not only merge conversations, but also attach them to a ticket that has already been created, but that is not a tracker ticket.


Often an initial conversation will come through and we create a ticket for the request, but then another client from the same company raises the same issue via a separate conversation. In that case we need to merge or attach the conversation to the existing ticket.

This would be a big win for us too, we’d love to be able to merge and potentially split conversations for tracking purposes 😁


Any news related to this? It is a big pain for our company! Hope to have great news soon!


I am new to Intercom.

Messages not being automatically assigned to open tickets, even though they belong to them, is one of my main problems at the moment! I am shocked that there is no function for this!

BTW: On what basis are mail replies assigned to tickets in Intercom? Other systems read the ticket ID from the subject. Not wonderful, but every customer understands the context and you can use it to manually send/forward any mails to a ticket.
How does this work with Intercom? The first replies from customers have already been listed as new conversations past the ticket.
If the automatic assignment doesn't work reliably AND I can't even assign (merge) manually, I have to question the usefulness of Intercom.

Sorry for my rant...

Good Morning, 


Is there an update on when the “Merge” Feature would launching on the roadmap? We are newly launched on Intercom for our Product Support team and this is a large feature from our previous provider that we used heavily as we are a B2B Team. 


Thank you! 

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