Collecting free text through a banner

  • 19 February 2021
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Hi all!


Is there any way currently to ask a question in a banner and have a user answer with a free text field?


Best answer by Roy 19 February 2021, 17:17

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7 replies


Hi @jessica w11​ , Nope it's not currently possible.


You are planning to ask users about some feedback via banner and text filed is a nessery? You can request this feature in @Product Wishlist​ group.

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thanks for getting back to me so quickly @roy s11​ ! Yes that's right, I'll do that.


Is there any way to open a chat from a banner? Basically I'd like a banner to say "Ask an expert" and then a user be able to type a response from there that is attached to their profile in Intercom. I'd send them out to typeform or something but then we can't link their response back. Is there anything we could do that you can think of?


@jessica w11​ ,


Q - Is there any way to open a chat from a banner?

A - Yeah, That's possible with Series, here's the video instruction for that:


I hope this will be helpful, Let me know if you have any further questions about this topic.


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@roy s11​ this is absolutely FANTASTIC thank you so much for taking the time and effort to do this for me!!


@jessica w11​ , Always happy to help 🙌

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@roy s11​ I've gone another question, I hope that's ok! My new idea is to collect reactions, and the reaction trigger a post open. It's all working fine except that a user has to refresh the page for the post to show - have I done something wrong? I've attached a screenshot of my Series!


@jessica w11​ , Afraid it's not possible to display post without refreshing the page =(

That's why this solution is good when you have a button and URL to refresh the page.


You can request a feature that will allow you to send post/chat messages without refreshing the page in @Product Wishlist​ group.


That is something that Intercom should support, the Same problem when there is a product tour instead of a post. The user should refresh the page to start a product tour.


I hope this will be helpful 😇