Have you had issues using the Intercom default outbound address?

  • 27 October 2020
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We have tried using the Intercom default outbound address for ema ils, but we experienced that all of our emails and replies to emails ended up in spam or junk from the clients.

We then switched to using "Use teammate's Intercom account email", which has been fine in terms of delivery, but now all the clients get access to our personal work email and the clients end up sending emails outside of the Intercom sphere and directly to our Outlook.


It seems both versions are creating issues for us. Do you have any experience with the above or any suggestions on how to combat these two issues?


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Hi @sebastian b11​ , You can use company e-mail such as or


More information about custom e-mail address can be found here.


HI @roy s11​ 


Thanks for getting back to me.


I have tried every variation of the settings you mentioned, but I cannot make it so, when our agents reply to inbound support emails that the "from" email is our support email.

The from email is always the agents own email address e.g

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Hey @sebastian b11​, if it's helpful, I'm happy to share some internal Intercom insight on how to tackle this issue.


I'd always recommend using your own domain to send email, as it's the best strategy overall in terms of inbox placement.


However, my own experience has been that, occasionally, customers will reach out directly, as you've mentioned.


The best bit of advice I can give here is to set expectations very clearly with your customers - advise that requests sent directly to teammates' email addresses will not be handled in the same way as support queries through the Messenger etc., and that they should revert to these channels for support.

@eric f11​ That is some great advice. Thank you very much. I will take that into consideration.

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No problem. It will take a little time to retrain your customers' brains (effectively!), but the trade-off of better inbox placement is very much worth it in the long run. Short term pain for long term gain!