Hi all! 👋

  • 10 September 2020
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Hi all! 👋


I'm Irene Simic, and I'm a Customer Success Engineer at DEXMA, an Energy Management Software.

We have been using Intercom for over 5 years now to communicate with our customers inside our product, and over the last year we have started implementing Product tours for Onboarding and proactive customer support, with great results.

We are now testing the new Series feature (which I'm excited about, btw!) and are looking forward to implement it soon.


Thank you for inviting me here! I can't wait to learn about other Intercom users experiences 😄 .


I have lots of favorite GIFs, but this one is on the top list for me : https://media2.giphy.com/media/l44QjgeQ5ium91n9K/giphy-downsized.gif?cid=6104955e7825dd1bf4d0b103d1a2065d92d685b1811a93ebamp;rid=giphy-downsized.gif

8 replies

Welcome to Interconnected @user255​ 👋With 5 years experience using Intercom you've already out paced myself and @eric f11​ 😂I'm sure we'll have a lot to learn from you!


I've become fascinated with raccoons as of late, specifically how they keep learning how to break into raccoon-proof trash cans and so are really challenging design engineers 😂

Totally agree about the raccoons issue 😂 ... thank you for the warm welcome! 😄

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Hey @user255​ ,

Glad to e-meet you!

I am not aware of this Series feature you mention in Intercom. Is this a beta feature or am I just not able to see it even with my spectacles on?

Hey @sushana, I can answer this one for you @user255​. Right now as it's still in beta we're keeping our lips sealed on Series, but not for very much longer 😉


Hi @sushana​ ,

Happy to e-meet you too! I'll keep my lips sealed on Series then! Seems like it will be a very useful feature though! 😉

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*Curiously rubbing hands in anticipation* Can't wait!

Thank you. @Kate Sugrue​  & @user255​ 

You didn't have to wait long @sushana​! We've just launched our new Series feature - you can find out more in the News & Updates group 🙌

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Wonderful, @Kate Sugrue​... My team & I will be checking it out today! 🙂