How can I change the format of the signed up date ?

  • 1 March 2021
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I'm french and I would like to include the sign up date in one of my emails : "You are using our solution from the {signed up date}". When i do a preview, it works, but the format of the date is not good : Capture d’écran 2021-03-01 à 11.58.00I would like to have the whole date : "le 4 février 2021".


How can I do so ?


Thank you !


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Bonjour @marianne m​ 👋, Comment ça va?


Q - How can I do so?

A - Afraid, there is no option to customize the date format in Intercom, feel free to request this feature in @Product Wishlist​ Group.

Meantime, I have some workaround for you:

- Create new People attribute "Full_Signup_Date"

Screenshot 3- Using Javascript/API, send the Intercom date from your app and use Full_Signup_Date attribution (Send date in text format like - 1 March 2021).

- Then use this attribute during e-mail sending:

Screenshot (2) 

To set Full_Signup_Date to already existing users, you can use CSV update for that.

More information about the CSV update can be found here.


Let me know if you have any further questions about this workaround, always happy to help.

Passe une bonne journée 🇫🇷