How can I send an automatic message to a user who has been away from our app for more than a week?

  • 19 March 2021
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I want to set up an automatic outbound message that shows up for a user who comes back after not using the app for more than a week. How do I do that with the Rules?


Ideally I'd also be able to have a few different versions of this message and the first time it happens the user would get one message, the second time they'd get a different one, etc.


Best answer by Kevin Bendixen 22 March 2021, 09:36

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@malcolm o​ There is a filter called "Last Seen" but that also tracks when a user visits your page (if you installed Intercom on your website as well). Or you could use a custom attribute for when they last logged in. Check this article for more info on custom attributes. If you want to show different messages every time they were gone, you could set up the messages in several Series and tag the users after every message. The new tag would then be a filter for the next message

Hi Kevin, i would like to send a specific message only for visitors that are logged in to my site. Is that possible? thank you

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@user1019​ Absolutely, you just have to track the "logged in" status with an attribute like it says in the article