How can I stop users from exiting a campaign/Series?

  • 13 September 2020
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Hey 👋 ,

We want to build a tips and tricks campaign for users based on their usage with our product.

The issue is that I can't write all the tips I want now, my thought was to start with a few and to add more tips messages along the way.


The problem with that is that users that exited the campaign will not have the option to receive the new messages.


What do you think? Do you have a workaround for that?


Thanks :)


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8 replies

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Hi @yakir​ ,


Campaigns are designed to send a series of messages that already created; 

Campaigns are using for on-boarding, Trial follow-ups, Plan upgrades, Increase product usage, Inactive people follow up and etc...


In your case, you can simply target users based on usage of the product and instead of campaigns send outbound messages.

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Just make sure you set your outbound message to ongoing and define a target audience:


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Hey @yakir​, I always create a "dummy message" when creating a campaign, to prevent users from exiting after they've received all messages.


A "dummy message" is a message that can't possible be received - for example, an email that's set to target users with the rule Email address is unknown.


That will prevent your users from exiting the campaign due to the "receive all messages" exit rule, and you can then continue to add new messages in future!

Thank you guys!


@roy s11​ The issue with your approach is that we can't control the sending gap between messages. I'm trying to see if I can use it with events, and to add event when sending a message and then a rule to wait X days from last event, This can't be done our of the box, I need to think how to do it.


@eric f11​ Thanks, this is a nice workaround! I will check how to use it.

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@yakir​ with campaigns, you can use the rule Entered campaign x days ago to determine your own spacing between messages.


However, something is launching tomorrow, which will completely change campaigns as we know them, and give you a lot more control...👀

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Hey @yakir​, did you get a chance to check our Series?

Saw this, and played with that. For the next campaign I will use it for sure!

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Excellent! You can also migrate over your existing campaigns to Series (indeed, you'll need to do this gradually over the next six months before we deprecate campaigns entirely!)