How can I target users based on a specific link clicked in an email?

  • 28 October 2020
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Is there a way to target people based on a specific link that's been clicked in an email, rather than just that they opened and clicked an email? i.e. a question is asked with multiple options, we'd then target in-app msg based on what option they choose.


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11 replies

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Hey @joe d12​, would the links, when clicked, open a new URL?

Yeah, so if it was an email, we'd link each answer to a different URL. Or possibly to the same URL, but would want to serve a different message depending on what option they clicked on the email itself.


Likewise, if we had an initial in-app message, welcoming people to their free trial, I'd like to set them up on the path to success as early as possible by posing a question. 'What are you looking to achieve today', or words to that effect. I'd then list out possible answers, that would then link them off onto a particular toolset. Is that possible?

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Yep, that's absolutely possible, you can include multiple buttons and links in the body of your email!


If you want to track which customer has clicked which link, and then use this to trigger an in-app, I'd recommend using UTM parameters. Here's a guide on how to set these up!


You can then use UTM parameters as triggers for your in-app messages. For example, if the second button on your email links to you can then set up an in-app message to trigger for users who match the rule utm_source=choice2.

Thanks Eric, that's great. Does that work the same if it was an in-app message? So if they clicked a particular link from an in-app message, you could then use UTM parameters to set these people onto a separate onboarding journey based on this initial, first interaction?

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So long as the user journey is click on a link > open a new URL, you can use UTM parameters to achieve this. You mentioned an "onboarding journey", are you using Product Tours for this?

At the moment we're not using product tours, or bots, but I am considering it as an option.


The other thing i was looking to see if it's possible is to A/B and onboarding flow at a Campaign level? So rather than A/B testing messages within a campaign, you're A/B testing two entire campaigns. In this way if we launched a new-look campaign, that tried a different approach to the current one, rather than ending the existing one and starting the new one too 100% of people, we run the two campaigns side-by-side, splitting the data 50/50%.


I believe i read that this isn't possible as it stands, unless you split the User ID data into Odds and Evens? I saw some info on this post, but you've already been super helpful so thought i'd ask to see if you know any more about whether it's possible or not?

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Hey @joe d12​, as things currently stand, we don't have a straight up "A/B test" option for Series. You'd need to implement a workaround just like you suggested (an odd/even split for User IDs) and effectively create two Series; one for each entry rule (odd & even).

Thanks Eric, understood.

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No worries 👌 I'd love for you to share an outline of your Series with the community once you have it up and running if you think it would be appropriate!


@Shwaytaj Raste​, I know you were chatting previously with customers who had A/B tests for Series as a feature request, so wanted to tag you in here, too 😄

Thanks Eric, that shouldn't be a problem. I'll be in touch down the line 🙂

Thanks @eric f11​ . @joe d12​ - we're actually working on a capability to A/B test within Series (our visual campaign builder). It would work quite similar to what you mentioned.