How to send regular survey?

  • 4 January 2021
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We would like to send a message with a survey (similar to NPS) regularly every 3 months. The message and the survey will be always the same, so we can compare results and watch the trends.

For every new round, we would like to check the rules and include new users.


I was not able to find the way to do this. Is there any option?


Thank you.


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8 replies


Hello @libor​ , You can use Intercom to send an already made NPS survey via in-app chat. For this, you need integrations with one of these apps Typeform, Survicate, AskNicely, Wootric, Coda and etc...


You can also use a Custom bot to send an NPS survey (If this is what you are looking for, I can explain step by step).


To trigger NPS every 3 months, you can build a Series for that.


Happy New Year 🎅

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Hi @roy s11​, thank you for your response.


We know how to send the survey. There is no problem in it. But we would like to send the same message periodically (every 3 months). I was not able to find the way how to do it - all the messages can be sent only once. Or have I overlooked some cool feature enabling this?😊


@libor​ , I think these tools support such option nope?

You can also build it via Series. Every 3 month is not possible, but you can make hole year in this way:

Intercom SeriesI know it's not the best way, but Intercom not supporting the infinity loop.

Every customer can be matched to the rules only once.


Other options here:

- Use API or Zapier to send messages;

- Use third party solutions (Maybe one of these apps supports recurring sending);


You can also submit this feedback to @Product Wishlist​ Group.

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Hi @roy s11​, The series will be probably the way, we'll take. But I was hoping for some more elegant solution, such as a loop in the Series 😋


@libor​ I Just checked its seems Survicate, Wootric offering survey recurring but it's from their end.


Yeah, Agree Infinity loop will be useful in your case. That's why you should post it in @Product Wishlist​ Group.

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Hey @libor​, we've just launched a new feature which will allow you to send an in-app message every time an event count increases.


This may be of use to you in sending recurring surveys!

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@eric f11​ Awesome to hear that has been released, is it available on all plans? Can't wait to give this a try.

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Hey @nathan s11​, it's available on Messages Pro or Accelerate and above!