I'd like to trigger a series that starts when someone clicks on a link in an email or in-app message.

  • 6 November 2020
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For example, we have a 4-part educational series that I'd like to space a few days apart to be delivered by Intercom email. We're introducing the option to opt-in via another series (an onboarding series) with a link in the message that says something like, "Want to learn more about [this really cool thing]?


However, I can't see how to trigger the educational series when the person clicks that link. Is there another/better way to do this?


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Hey @mark t12 Gustav​ 👋


Thanks for connecting here! I discussed with a Series expert on our team and did want to clarify one point: can you tell us if the "link" you click to opt into the Series is already going somewhere, or something you're working to setup? An idea is that you could track a custom event on the page to capture it, and then start your Series based on it, but to note, would require coding effort on your end.


That said, using a Custom Bot might be of better use here. To note: you can use bots within Series. In this scenario, the "message" inviting users to opt into the educational series could be a Custom Bot that tags users who select "yes." You could then target the Series to the tag.



It's something I'm setting up. The series exists but it's not done yet. Here's the desired flow:

  1. User sees a welcome message (or any message in a series) in the app that says, "blah, blah, blah...Hey, you should take our rad eCourse! Click here"
  2. When the user clicks on that link, it automatically subscribes them to the first email in a series

That feels pretty straightforward to me.


My goal, however it's accomplished, is to allow a user to agree to auto-join another series simply by clicking on the link. I'm open to them having to enter their email if necessary.

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@mark t12 Gustav​ I haven't worked with Series yet, but can't you tag the users who clicked on the link and use the tag as a filter for the email series?

Or am I missing something here?

Hey @kevin b​ - I'll give that a shot. Now that you say that, it makes sense.