I need to start a series when user has finished, disengaged or exited another series

  • 25 February 2021
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Hi everyone,

I have many series that has to be started sequentially one after another (A->B->C..)

Right know, when series A "ends", I tag users with "START_SERIES_B", and I have an entry rule on B based on that tag. That works, but the problem is when users exits or gets disengaged from a series. They don't get the tag so series B doesn't start, and obviously the series chain stops there, and then those users doesn't onboard fully on my product.


I'm thinking it 2 possible solutions

  1. Tag users when they are disengaged or exits a series: I've chatted with support and they said this can't be done by now
  2. Have an entry rule that says "User has finished, disengaged or exited series X": I didn't find it

Any suggestions? Anyone with the same problem found a solution?


Thanks folks!




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@user358​ , I don't understand why you cannot tag disengaged users. It can be manually done as shown in the screenshot here

Screenshot 2021-02-25 145341

Hey Keerthi,

thanks for your quick answer. You're right, this is a solution, but I need tag or any other solution be done automatically :)




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Hey @user358​ ,

I might have a solution for you. In all the points where you disengage, you can direct them to a tag block in the series. For example, users usually disengage when they don't meet a rule block for the specified period "Try to match for x days"


disengageYou can connect these paths to the tag you want. Hope this helps!

Yes! That's a good solution for disengaged users, thanks.

I still need a solution for the ones that exits the series.

Also, it's a bit messy connect all the points where the user can disengage with a tag :)


Thanks again!

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@user358​ - What do you mean by exit the series?

There are 3 ways users exit a series - They finish a path, disengage or meet exit rules that you've set up. You're already tagging users that finish a path. Exit rules are set up by us and gives us the option to tag the users when they meet those rules. You're right about the disengaging paths being messy but it's a work around for now.

Might be a good idea to mention this in the @Product Wishlist​ group :)


Hello @user358​ , I'm agree with @user368​ , you can tag disengaged users.


I will just add some information about Exit Rule, you can define Exit Rule and use them in START_SERIES_B as a entry rule 😉



If you have Series A with Exit Rule:

Series A Exit RuleCreate Two Entry Rule for Series B:

Series BSecond Entry Rule Settings are the same as a Exit Rule of Series A:

Series AI hope you get the workaround here, let me know if you have any questions about this topic.

Always happy to help Interconnect members.

I'll do what you suggest by now. Thanks a lot Keerthi! :)

Hey Roy, thanks for clarifying about exit rules. This is what I'm gonna do.

Thanks again!

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Hey @user358​, we've added a new feature which will allow you to connect different Series together!


Now, when creating your Rules block for a Series, you can select the following filters:


  1. Started a series / Hasn’t started a series
  2. Completed a series / Hasn’t completed a series
  3. Disengaged from a series / Hasn’t disengaged from a series
  4. Exited a series / Hasn’t exited a series
  5. Hit a series goal / Hasn’t hit a series goal


Let me know if these help!​

Hey Eric, this is EXACTLY what I’ve need. Thank you so much!


PD: you did this because I’ve asked for it or you already have it in your roadmap?

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You were one voice of many who requested this feature! Our Series team have been pretty amazing at fast iterations on the product since we shipped, and this is yet another change that they've added since launch!