I want to send an email to people based on content of an event

  • 31 August 2020
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I am trying to set up a smart campaign based on the NPS scores (entered as events in Intercom). E.g. nps_score: 10


Currently I cannot see an "is" option for events, only a count or before and after dates.


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5 replies

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Hey @kim t​, this is expected behaviour - it's not possible to use event metadata a trigger for outbound messaging.


I'd recommend tracking a custom user attribute of nps_score as well as your event - this attribute can then be used to trigger the message!

Thanks Eric, I could use a custom attribute, but I can only use it once?


If someone resubmits the NPS 6 months later, how do I get them back into the campaign?

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It's not possible in any way for a user to re-enter a smart campaign, no matter what attribute or event they use - once they've left a campaign, they're gone from it for good. Can you tell me a little more about how you were hoping to set up your campaign? Are you looking for a sequence of messages to be sent to a user every time they leave a certain NPS score?

Thanks Eric. Not a sequence of messages - just a single email based on their score and whether or not feedback was left. I thought a campaign might allow a dynamic qualification such as nps_score is 10 and nps_date is < 30 days and nps_feedback...


I was hoping to be able to do an experiment without having to modify my app. I have Appcues info coming into Intercom, but it shows as events.

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Hey there. I use Wootric instead of Appcues, but you should be able to do this with their app too, I'd imagine.


What I do is have an individual's response to NPS come into us as a conversation from that user with the following formatting:



NPS Score: ##

Comment: XYZ



We then use inbox rules to automatically send any conversation that begins with "NPS Score" to triage automatically triage these to an NPS team inbox. We only do this for NPS responses that include a comment.


From there, we can tag the conversation in order to categorize the NPS feedback. We can also directly follow up to any NPS responses that require it right there. If a follow up isn't required, you can close the conversation and the CSAT survey will not be triggered.


If a user rates us an 8 or lower and does not leave a comment, we have an outbound Intercom message that will trigger asking them for feedback; responses to this message go to the same NPS team inbox. We rarely responses to this message (2% response rate). However, as Eric pointed out, this message will ever send once to a user. Our team is OK with that.


Something like this may not be totally perfect for you, but hope this helps.