iOS 15 impact on inflated open rates

  • 26 September 2022
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It's a known issue that iOS 15 inflates open rates when Apple downloads images, not the users.

How can we trust the open rates from our outbound messages on Intercom? What measures are being taken to fix this?


3 replies

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Hey @john c​ Racheal from the Support Engineer team here 👋


The product team is aware of and still monitoring the changes from iOS 15 that affect email open tracking. Intercom currently only tracks open and clicks for users, it seems like only open tracking is impacted by the updates in iOS 15. This is not something that the team plans to or can workaround at the moment as there hasn't been a big impact. What I can do is log this feedback towards being able to view open/click data based on email client.


Whenever we do release new features, we'll announce it on the Product Changes page(a lot come from feature requests like yours), so I'd recommend keeping an eye there. 🤞

How did you determine that iOS 15 "hasn't been a big impact"?

On a few of our recent Intercom outbound emails to our users, we're seeing 20%-30% "opens" from customers who we have not interacted with for years, and haven't been a customer with us.


Intercom is showing me 35% open rates. I find that hard to believe when most of the opens is from unengaged users. It's probably more like 15 to 20% open rate.


Who can I talk to to get this issue reviewed?


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You can always reach us through the Messenger or by 😊