Is it possible to select per message if the whole conversation should be included in the e-mail notification

  • 13 September 2023
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We need to know if its possible with eg a switch to decide not to send the reply with whole conversation by email in some occations?

Eg if the answer I am going to provide is including sensitive data / GDPR stuff I want to “check a box” for the reply only to be visible when logged in and reading in the messenger and not to included in the email notification. As in “read the answer here when logged in”. All other messages can be includes, as ordinary support answers.

I could find there is a general setting to either turn it on or off but the question here is if its possible with a switch in every conversation/ticket to turn it off just per message?


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Hi @Henrik R !

Currently, there isn’t an option to turn that feature off on a conversation-level basis, only on the workspace level. I’ll go ahead and flag this as a Feature Request with our team, though!

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Thanks, we think that will be a nice feature if there´s sensitive information in the thread. Waiting for it!