Is there a variable for email message IDs or conversation IDs?

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We'd like to use this to get the email or conversation ID in a link that we can send to our system.


Something like {{ conversation_id }}


I couldn't find these in any documentation - are there any secret ones?


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Hello @cory b​ 👋, Afraid, there is no attribute to insert Conversation Id's.


Can you share a bit more about your use case? I will be more than happy to help.

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Hey @roy s11​ !


Sure thing. The use case is we want to include surveys in conversations. We'd like to pass the conversation ID along in the rating URL. For example.{{}}/2/


@cory b​ Thanks for clarifying.


1. Why not use Intercom conversation rating feature? (This data links to conversation, team member and also includes in Intercom reports).

2. Have you checked the Surveys & Feedback Apps on the Intercom App Store? Some solutions offer exactly the same flow if you need a more detailed feedback form.


Intercom App Store - Surveys & Feedback Apps

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@roy s11​ 


1. Why not use Intercom conversation rating feature?


I agree this is the preferred route to go for closed conversation ratings. Some users are asking to extend the closed convo CSAT though. For instance, using different metrics such as CES or NPS, and adding additional questions.


2. Have you checked the Surveys & Feedback Apps on the Intercom App Store?


Yes. We're building a new app for the Intercom App Store. 🤓




Another use case where we want to get the message/convo ID is if a user embeds a survey in an outbound email. Ideally, we'd be able to link a survey response with a message ID. That way, if a customer clicks a rating link multiple times, we connect it with the same message ID. Does that make sense?




@cory b​ , Thanks for clarify, If you are building Intercom app (Canvas), it's possible to catch conversation ID.

For more information, please follow Canvas doc:

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@roy s11​ Haha oh sorry I decided to copy your emoji nickname idea. I'm the confused one. 🤦‍♂️


Canvas works great for in-app messages but as far as I know, apps can't be inserted into emails. Emails that contain apps (from conversations) don't show the apps contents, but instead "You've been sent an app".



@cory b​ , Emojis make the world a better place 😂


Is it necessary to send e-mails form Intercom?

This survey software's using such workflow:

- Grubbing user/conversation information from Intercom

- Sending e-mail outside of Intercom

- Collecting conversation ID and other details via API.


You can use Sendgrid, build some template and collect data from Intercom.

Once conversation get's closed, trigger e-mail notification and include Conversation ID, Admin Id's and other useful information.


This is actually how this survey apps are working.


Let me know if you have questions about this workflow, more than happy to answer all of them.


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This would work for sending emails triggered from a conversation. The use case I'm looking to solve is for Intercom users to setup quarterly NPS emails to send from Intercom. Our app currently sends these types of email surveys and can sync Intercom contacts. I think that method is preferred, but at this stage I'm doing research to see how I can fulfill the different types of feature requests we've been getting.


@cory b​ , You can send NPS e-mails outside of Intercom (To retrieve all conversation details), then show all collected information in Intercom:

NPS Score; CSAT Score; Sending dates; Manually sending button and etc.


This can be done via App or via Event, also you can use attributes.

Please, take a look at Wootric app.


@cory b​ ,


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@roy s11​ Thanks for all of this. I got that. 👍


If outbound emails, messages, and conversations could include a unique ID as a placeholder, we could even further improve customer survey functionality and make the world a better place.




Hi @cory b​ , Let's make a world a better place 🙌


1) I created a custom attribute "Last_Closed_Conversation_ID":

Last_Closed_Conversation_ID2) Then build Integromat integration:

Intercom-Closed-UpdateOnce you close conversation in Intercom, Integeromat will update this attribute ("Last_Closed_Conversation_ID") and inserts there Conversation ID.


Please keep in mind that it's only includes user's last closed conversation ID.


3) It's looks like this:

Conversation IDAnd can be used during outbound e-mail sending:


I can record a tutorial on how to create Integromat workflow, just let me know if needed.

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@roy s11​ wow amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this workaround.