Is there a way to link a new chat option for a customer when sending out an outbound email?

  • 15 September 2022
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I am setting up product renewal emails to send through Intercom which will notify a customer of the upcoming charge associated with the renewal of the product. I would like to add something to the email such as "Have questions about your current product, need to update your subscription, etc." to email and when the customer clicks the link, it opens up a new chat with the support team and the customer to answer any questions and potentially prevent a customer from canceling their subscription.

1 reply

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Hey @user1912​ 👋 You can create a link that will open the messenger and a conversation with a bit of coding.


To create a link that opens a new conversation in the Messenger, you'll want to create a custom launcher for your web app, site, or mobile app.


On Web App or Site

1. Pass the ID of the element you're using as a custom launcher to open the Messenger (e.g., 



 ) OR specify multiple links by passing a class instead (e.g., 




2. Add the ID or class to the HTML element that you want the Messenger to open when clicked.


For example, if you want the Messenger to open if someone clicks a link to your support email address

<a id="my_custom_link" href="mailto:HELP@YOUR-APP.COM">Support</a>


Note: Including your support address as the link destination works well as a fallback, so if a visitor doesn't have JavaScript enabled in their browser, they can email your team.


3. Add this line to your IntercomSettings snippet:


Like this 

window.intercomSettings = {

app_id: "YOUR_APP_ID",




On Mobile App

Developer Installation Guide for iOS

Developer Installation Guide for Android