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  • 16 June 2023
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We need some way to include throttling for our messaging. I want to be able to set up posts and chats that don’t have an end date, but I fear that someone could log in for the first time in a while and get three messages at once. I wish I could prioritize messages so I knew that they would only get one at a time. 


(This would be for things that don’t go together in a series)


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3 replies

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Hey @Erin K 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


The best way to space out when messages are received by end users would be by using the Series feature. At the moment, there isn’t a native way to throttle stand alone message sending apart from the Series feature. 

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This was meant specifically for things that are unrelated / would not work in a series unfortunately. @Eden 

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Hey @Erin K Racheal from the support engineer team here👋 


Ah, I’m afraid there is not another way to space out those messages without being in a Series. 😔 I’m happy to flag this as a feature request though!