Send welcome message on Intercom user creation (product sign up)

  • 6 October 2022
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I currently have a welcome email that is sent if sign up is < than 1 day and an onboarding attribute is of a specific value.


Due to the nature of our product, I would prefer to send the email as soon as the user is created in Intercom.


Could you confirm if the "signed up if it's on the date" Trigger will help achieve this ?


I can't find anything in the help docs to explain the "if it's on the date" parameter.




8 replies

Hi Gianni,

I have a similar setup for welcome emails and I set it as "Signed up less than 1 day ago".


It works but there is a delay of between 5 to 20 minutes after a user signs up. This is a long delay for a welcome email and I don't know the solution yet.


After you implement it, I would love to hear if you also experience the same delay.


Note: I am using the Outbound > Email function, not the Series.

Oh I also found this article which confirms that your approach is correct:>

Hi befeo,


Thanks for the reply. My current setup is also Outbound > Email and used the "Signed up less than 1 day ago" rule.


I too get the delay, more like 20min.


I was hoping to be able to send it on sign up, hence the thought of using the "signed up if it's on the date" Trigger 


But I don't know if "signed up if it's on the date"  means at the point of someone becoming a new user in Intercom.

Thanks! I saw that earlier but it doesn't answer the trigger question. I have a query in with Intercom and will let you know what they say :-D


As an aside... I created a new user in one of my test accounts and the welcome message was delivered immediately. That's wit it using the current signup < 1 day Rule only.

So, the advice from Intercom is to simply use the "Signed up" parameter in a Trigger.

I will remove my date based rule and replace it with the Trigger & see what happens.


Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 09.34.47

OK, that didn't work at all. If you don't use the "signup < 1 day Rule" in Audience, then it adds historical signup as well.

So..I have now changed it to


Trigger: Signed up if it's on the date


Audience: Signed up  less than 1 day ago

Thank you for sharing @gianni​ 


Did this help with the delays in the delivery of messages?

No problem @bahadir​ 

It seems to be delivering quicker, yes.