Using Hubspot Integration to trigger custom workflows/automations

  • 7 September 2023
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Hi There,

I am trying to connect our Sales Team with our Customer Support Team, the idea is to triage customers that are slipping away in their first 7 and 14 days - 


Purpose - Sales team working with leads in Hubspot who are not reponding to attempts to contact

Aim - Customer Support in Intercom is able to set up an automation for the customer in the meessenger which will ask them to reach out to us ad book a meeting using Hubspot Calendar or Calednly and then we can continue the onboarding

Result - that the link between Hubspot and Intercom is able to trigger this automation on a user by user basis


Has anyone got a solution to this problem, I think that we need some link from Hubspot that pushes the automation to the audience we want - but I haven’t seen anything like this available?


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@John  If you aren’t seeing the features you need in the Hubspot integration, I’d recommend trying something like Zapier, Make or one of the 3rd party automation tools to add a tag a user/lead in Intercom to trigger any relevant automations in Intercom from there. 

Rough example, when a deal gets into a specific stage i.e. Unresponsive -- then tag the Intercom user/lead with a specific tag.  This may be an option within the Hubspot integration as well, I don’t personally use Hubspot but have setup similar triggers for other tools. 

If you are syncing data between the two tools with custom attributes etc, there may be another data point to trigger an automated message as well.  Feel free to DM if you want some help digging into your options. 

Hope this helps!