What is the Parameter option to filter + 5 days of buying.

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What is the Parameter option to filter + 5 days of buying. I'm trying to send an announcement to paying users with 5+ days since they bought the product.


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Excellent question! Assuming you've set up your events into Intercom for a purchase correctly, you'll be looking to filter it down by when the event occurred. Here's an example using the built in Stripe integration.


Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 14.59.47Simply bind to the event by searching it. Here's an example using an NPS system I use. Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 15.00.50 

If you're using custom events, you're looking for this symbol in the filter type. (below)Screenshot 2021-04-08 at 15.02.43Hope this points you in the right direction! 👍


Hi @nandini​ 👋, @user1030​ ​'s solution is a best option.


If you are not sending events to Intercom, you can use thank you (Checkout successful) page as a trigger. Here's how this will look like in Series:



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Thank you Roy and Sam.

Unfortunately, we are not doing both. Let me see if we can set up the thank you page.



@nandini​ , Which CMS are you currently using? Intercom have integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

If you developed your own solution, you can simply track events via Javascript API.


Just share a bit more details, I will be more than happy to help.

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@user1030​ I have a question. My team helped me set up events. But it does not have more than <> days ago value. The format needs to be updated? How do I get that fixed? Please help.Screenshot 2021-04-16 at 10.57.58 AM

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It looks like this user property is being declared with the wrong data type.


You can declare the user properties in your user data in your settings. It’s worth noting that once a property is created you can’t change its data type.

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They did not set up an Event, they set up an Attribute. (two arrow icon, instead of the calendar with checkmark)


It can work with Attribute but they did not set it properly, it should be in Date format using Unix Time Stamp so that Intercom can understand it as a date.



  • To ensure this works, the custom attribute must be sent to Intercom as a Unix Timestamp and the type must be set to 'Date'.
  • Custom attributes ending with "_at" are automatically treated as a date, rather than a number. However, if you named your custom attribute differently, you can change the type to 'Date' manually in your app settings under 'People Attributes'.
  • If you're using the 'exactly x days ago' filter we'll find users who match this filter during a 24 hour period. For example, 'signed_up_at exactly -3 days' ago will find users whose signed_up_at date is 2-3 days from now (and not 3-4 days from now).



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I changed the datatype in settings. It works now Milan & Sam.