When would a banner message be useful?

  • 28 October 2020
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When would a banner message be useful?

Best answer by Eric Fitz 28 October 2020, 16:19

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Banners have many different uses, but some common use cases include:


  • Announcing a new feature
  • A lightweight NPS survey
  • A limited time promotion
  • Encouraging customers to sign up for your newsletter


You can read more in this guide. We’d love for you to share the different ways you’ve used banners here, too!


We're using banners for maintenance messages as well. Typically we send these via email/in-app message, but the banner was way more effective in ensuring customers saw that we were planning database updates and a brief outage.


We have status messages for this as well, but they don't warn customers in advance - only in real time.

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Nice one @user276​ - I'm planning on using banner messages in future to let the community know about any Intercom outages in future. What you found them to be impactful for this?

@eric f11​ Very effective. Far better than the email/posts and status updates in real-time. Banners have a way of grabbing the users attention better. Email has horrible open rates and posts are a bit intrusive. We see users just close posts quickly because they're expecting promotional messaging, but banners are less intrusive and easy to read. We use the integration with Smartlook to watch recordings of sessions to see how users interact with the content.

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That's so cool, @user276​ - love that you're able to use Smartlook to make those evidence-based decisions around messaging 🙌