Why is the series taking so long?

  • 15 April 2023
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Hi all,

We are trying to test the process manually by creating users (user or lead) and series. We have not yet completed the intercom integration with our product. We have a series of 4-5 steps for testing (no “wait” block) and we want to instantly send an email/change the tag for the user. However, the series takes at least 20-25 minutes to complete. Is this normal? What do we need to do so that the series can be completed in a shorter time?

Our first tries weren't really successful, any tips for us?



Best answer by Nathan Sudds 17 April 2023, 20:50

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@User  It’s often hard to diagnose what’s going on without seeing the series, if you want to send a DM -- happy to jump in and see if I can help troubleshoot the timing etc.  If a member meets the criteria or condition for the series to be triggered, I wouldn’t think it should take long to walk through the process.

I guess it would depend on if messages are being throttled by the system in some way, are they email messages you are sending or something within the app as a popup? Emails for preventing spam purposes may be throttled, that’s the only thing that I can think of at the moment.