Will I still be able to search old campaigns data once they're deprecated?

When Campaigns are deprecated will there be a way to filter/search for who received messages from a certain campaign? How will I be able to view this information? We use this data regularly and this is very nerve-racking for us to not be able to access it


Best answer by Eric Fitz 4 March 2021, 15:12

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Not sure if that would work the way you'd like, but here's my suggestion:


Go to all the campaigns -> export the csv file (you can go back 2 years max.) -> from that file you can create a file to import to Intercom -> the users will then be tagged and you can change the tag to something like "Recieved_message_From_Campaign-name"


Not pretty, but might work.

If you can get along with everyone who has previously entered a specific campaign, copying a campaign to Series creates a tag for all users that entered the campaign before

Thanks! But, yikes that's a lot of work. I would also need everyone that clicked, replied, etc. This is a decent workaround but far from ideal. I can't believe Intercom hasn't thought about this and made it easy for us to access our data. Deprecating Campaigns is a fairly big deal as it's a core feature of their product and this is a really tough blow.

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Just saw that you could also directly tag all that replied/clicked/received message X from campaign YBildschirmfoto 2021-03-03 um 15.51.53Depending on the amount of campaigns and messages you have it's still a lot of manual work, but this might be your best bet.

Yeah, that's what I mean it would be a lot of work and time. We have a LOT of campaigns. But, appreciate your help!

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Hey @katie a​, I've spoken with our product team about this and, while we still plan to deprecate campaigns in favour of Series, it's not our intention to completely delete all of your campaign data along with this. Our intention is to still allow you to access this data once the deprecation is complete.

Thanks @eric f11​ can you elaborate on what that would look like please?