Feedback Needed! Customizing the Start Conversation Button in the Messenger

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi everyone 👋


Soon you’ll be able to change the phrase used in the start conversation button on the Messenger Home screen via a drop down of options. We’d love to get your feedback on if these choices resonate and if you have suggestions you’d like to add. Right now we’re considering Send us a message, Ask a question, Chat with us, Talk to us, Contact us, and Start a conversation.





Just let me know in a comment below!


PS - this first iteration won’t support a free text input, just a selection of pre-canned options. 




9 replies

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“I need help” “contact support” “get help”

I like ‘ask a question’ and a simple ‘contact us’.

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Why not let us use our own?  Intercom is always forcing us to stay within a list and it rarely meets our needs.

My users may not always be able to chat with a human, but can with a bot, So I would like to be able to define, using rules, which one it was…..maybe if they meet these criteria it says “Ask a question” and if they meet another criteria it says “Chat with us”

So we also want to customize what it says underneath (our bot and team can help)

Get Help  is another option




All but contact us.
Contact us gives me the feeling it could take a while for a reaction. While Talk to us, Ask a questions etc sound more that I have direct contact with someone.

Would also love the option to create your own text. Then we can can go all out.
“Contact your superhero”

I like Ask a question, Chat with us. Agree that the option to create your own text would be great as well. 

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@Christine Z  All these sound like good options already if we can’t just have a free form option which may be preferred in the long run, it’s always great to have some out of the box options because there’s too much to think about when first setting up sometimes already :)

Will it be customizable based on rules?  So you can show a different version to different users… or.. visitors, leads, users etc? 

I like @Corrie Hermans-Webster ‘s suggestion of “Get help” because this could be mirroring what’s above it -- How can we help today?

But then, for some reason “Send us a message” feels like a good balance without focusing too much on just help -- since there may be other reasons for wanting to send a message. 

One of the challenges is also that with bot/AI responses… Ask a question and Get Help may feel more suited as someone mentioned above so they don’t necessarily give the sense of a live human helping you but then there are times when you want to make it clear there is a live human available to help you quickly.  I guess that’s why you currently have “Ask a question” and then “The team can help if needed” so even is someone gets an initial AI or bot response they know that teammates are available?

It may be interesting to have more than one option and let them choose similar to the path choices in bot responses --- Get help, Chat with us, Talk with us (assuming that Talk with us is a path to a voice channel option not just text otherwise I feel like Talk with us might feel misleading)

Also I’m guessing you will be doing this but if you are using a preset list of options, it might be interesting to see how different ones perform -- if you could a/b test them!  If one wording impacts the user experience differently or sets the wrong expectations etc.  


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I forgot to provide feedback on the wording for the second line… 

“Our bot and team can help”

I’m not sure what wording would be better and this may be customizable so it won’t matter but I’d prefer something that hints that you’ll get instant helpful responses and our team is available without saying the word ‘bot’

I feel like this was kind of inferred by the “Ask a question” on the current messenger for your Intercom chat... “The team can help if needed” sort of hints that you can get self-service support or may get automated bot/AI responses but don’t worry the team is available when needed. 

I do think this could be improved but I prefer it over saying ‘bot’ maybe because it feels so impersonal right from the jump and most of us know that there will be some automation now when getting started with a support request, it may not be necessary to call it out in the subtext. 

Just my two cents on that part.  Hope it’s helpful.


Thanks everyone, this is really helpful feedback! 


A few follow up thoughts:


For the first iteration, we’re sticking with a set of pre-determined options that teammates can choose from. There are a few reasons for that, but mainly (and candidly) it usually comes down to space and phrase/word length. The real estate in the Messenger is limited, and character count is key in situations like this. Throw in localization and it can be really difficult for teammates to manage this on their own. That said, we’re going to add other pre-canned options based on the feedback provided here. 


Also something I didn’t mention in the original post is that we will be giving teammates the option to not only modify the button text based on user/visitor but you will also now be able to modify the text based on if the end user will be speaking with a human or a bot first. That way we’re setting the right expectations with end users from the start. 


These options will be available in the next few weeks, and I’ll post back here when ready. In the meantime, all feedback is continually welcome. 


Thanks 😊

Hey everyone 👋


Just following up to let you know that the ability to customize the start conversation button is now live in Messenger settings! This setting will apply to conversations handled by teammates, and in a few short weeks you’ll have the ability to customize this for conversations handled by Fin too. 


You can check out the change log entry here.


Thanks as always for your feedback!