15.2.0 SPM - The signature of “Intercom.xcframework” cannot be verified.

  • 1 September 2023
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When I create a new iOS Storyboard project and add the iOS SDK via Swift Package Manager it fails to build with the following error:

The signature of “Intercom.xcframework” cannot be verified.

I received the same error when upgrading from 15.1.5 to 15.2.0 in an existing project also.

Edit: Fetching other versions work fine.

Edit 2: This is an issue in Xcode 15 betas only (specifically Beta 6 for me). Building with Xcode 14.3 works fine.


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6 replies

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Hey @mindfulnessmatt 👋 Eden from the support engineer team here.


This looks like it will need more investigation, so I’ve gone ahead and escalated this issue as a conversation with the Support team. They will get back to you there as soon as possible! 

This issue only happens using Xcode 15 (beta 6).

It builds fine with Xcode 14.3.

This issue still persists using Xcode 15 (beta 8) and the latest Intercom version.

Tested with the new repository the Intercom-SP and got the same error.

With Xcode 14 everything is fine.

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Hey @mindfulnessmatt -- a support teammate sent this in your conversation with them as well, but I’ll reiterate here! Our engineers have confirmed that the newest iOS SDK release should work with XCode 15. You should see things work as expected now. 


If you continue to experience this issue, please feel free to reach back out in that Support conversation and the team would be happy to look into it for you. 👍

Can confirm it now builds fine. Thanks Intercom team!

Yep, working here too. Thanks!