Building/testing mobile carousels seems crazy-hard

  • 4 January 2022
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Hi there,


I want to tweak my carousel, run it on my iPhone, tweak it again, run it again, and so on...I want a ton of tweaks and I want to test them in real-time. Right now it seems like I have to re-create the carousel each time or I'm limited to one test per account per day? To me this sounds really weird so I'm sure there is a better. Way. What's the better way? :)


Thanks, Neil


P.S. Adding a button to trigger it manually seems kind of silly...there should be a way to reset the carousel or at least allow it more than once a day for (at least) testing purposes.


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@neil w​ Hello!

Do not recreate, just duplicate it, make changes, and set it live. It's just two clicks to duplicate.