Hi, there I have just added intercom to my react native app and when i launch it in my device the color of most of the text including header text is black instead of being white.

  • 27 May 2022
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the style of launcher works fine in website but it looks different in the mobile app. Is their some specific reason behind this? Can we make both look same?


Best answer by Aparna 3 June 2022, 16:29

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8 replies

Hey @shailesh​ ! Are you using the default launcher or have you customised it on your end?

yes @aparna​ , I am using custom launcher as mention here.


also the default launcher has the color black instead of white

Can you please check the colour you have opted for in the Messenger settings?

well its blue. and does changing the color changes the header text color too?


@shailesh​ ! On digging further on this issue I found that we've recently opened an issue for inconsistencies with color schemes in the Messenger on mobile / web, it's something our Product Team is reviewing.

+1 on this. It's a horrible user experience to see nearly black on black when opening a new support case. We reported this issue months ago without any change since then. I hope it can be prioritized and fixed very soon.

Is there any update on this ? We're currently facing the same issue and it's a huge downside for our users experience