Intercom container not calculating screen size correctly

  • 21 October 2020
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The version 7.1.2 of Intercom seems to be causing issues to some users. Look the screenshot below:


intercom_bugThis only started happening on iOS 14.0, this issue is visible on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Note the rounded border around the application. My application does not apply any mask in the app view.


Did the version 8.0.0 meant to fix that? Could you please write a clear and sensible changelog instead of "The SDK has been updated to support iOS 14."?


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2 replies

Hi @user350​ 👋 ,


Thanks so much for reaching out and providing these details. Let me review further with our team and I'll reach out once I have more to share!

Hey Appreciate your patience here 🙏


A teammate assisted me here by reviewing in greater detail and found that it shouldn't be happening with the latest version of the SDK. Can you confirm whether it's happening in our example app as I know you shared that it was happening in your own? If you're continuing to see, we'd ask that you submit this issue to our Support team through the Messenger.