Something's gone wrong, content could not be loaded (React Native)

  • 28 November 2023
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We are encountering an issue where the messenger displays “Content could not be loaded” to newly created users in our app and initially calling loginUserWithUserAttributes method. After re-opening the app  the messenger works.

Issue is only encountered in released versions (Test flight and App store) and we can’t replicate in debug/local.



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3 replies

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Hi @bryanmalaluan.reckon !

Two common causes for this message are below 👇

  1. You are logging your Users into your app with only their email address (not with a user_id) and you have more than one User that has that same email address. In this situation, the Messenger doesn’t know which User to log in so it throws that error. To solve this, you’ll need to make sure you are logging your Users in with their user_id.
  2. You have Identity Verification turned on for your Mobile apps, but you aren’t passing in the correct user_hash when you log your Users in. You can read up on the correct way to do that in our docs here. NOTE: The docs point this out, but you’ll want to make sure that you make that setUserHash() call before registering your User.

Let me know if any of the above was helpful!

@Jacob Cox the suggestions you mentioned didn’t help. I also notice that If we signed out an existing user in our app that has the messenger working currently and login using a different user the Intercom messenger returns the same error. Take note that we are calling Intercom.logout() from our code when signing out a user.


Is there a way to know if Intercom has an active user that is currently logged/registered in messenger?

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Hi @bryanmalaluan.reckon !

It looks like you were able to get this squared away while working with our Support team and that you discovered this was a matter of not calling the loginUserWithAttributes() call in your production app. Happy to hear you go things working again!