Why are no users populating in audience rules for my push notification?

  • 23 April 2021
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I'm having trouble setting up a mobile Push Notification (looking to test them out). However, no users are populating for audience rules. Why is that? I believe our Mobile SDK is correctly setup because our users can chat in to us via the app.


Is there something else we need to enable for the push notifications to work? I'm going to check out carousels to see if there's a similar issue there. Will report back.


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5 replies

Setting up an audience is working for the Mobile Carousel. Just not Mobile Push.


Hey @user404​. This usually means that Intercom doesn't have any device tokens for your customers yet, which is usually down to having missed a few steps in our push setup instructions. It's worth walking through the documentation again to make sure all the bases are covered: Android FCM instructions, iOS instructions.


Could you try that and see if it helps pinpoint the problem?

Looks like you're right! I'll talk to the team to see if we can get this added. Thank you!

Hi, @user404​ .


I think I am facing the same issue, did you manage to resolve it?