Will Intercom support Catalyst apps on macOS?

  • 3 February 2021
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Any word on when you'll support Catalyst apps on macOS? We've been using Intercom on our mobile app, and would love to use Carousels in the Mac App as well.


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5 replies

Hey @jeremy b11​! It's something we're keen to do, and we made moves in that direction recently with XCFramework. This quarter we're doing some under the hood work to set us up for success with this, but we won't be tackling the bulk of the work yet.


I don't have a solid timeline to share, but I can say we're making steps towards this. When I know more, I'll come back to this thread and update you. I know it's something we're all keen to see added to the iOS SDK!

@Mathew Cropper​ Thanks for the prompt response!

Any update on this? Would love support for catalyst!

Any update on this? We just added an iOS feature (which includes Intercom carousels) and we had to hide it from our Catalyst app (including Intercom Help and Chat). The list of Intercom exclusions is getting long. 🙂 @Mathew Cropper​ 

Vote👍 Eagerly awaiting this update!