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  • 22 March 2023
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Hello Intercom Community,


I’m Des, co-founder of Intercom. Welcome to our new Community platform 

We’re very excited to partner with you on making this a useful and engaging space where you can connect with Intercom folks and and with peers in your own industry and beyond.

We’ll use this space to share tips and tricks, to solicit feedback and ideas from you, to share news and events and provide some member benefits. Feel free to ask questions of, and provide answers to, other members in the Q&A forum and feel free to get involved to whatever degree you’re excited to here.

We look forward to seeing this space grow and flourish. Watch out for updates on how we’ll reward you for your contributions to making this Community useful for everyone!



6 replies

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Thanks @Des I’m looking forward to this new chapter of the Intercom Community! 


Congrats to @Diana T12  and the team for making this happen. 

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The new community looks awesome. Everybody involved should be very proud of themselves. 🥂

My profile and post did not transfer over to the new community is this expected?

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Looks good! Can’t wait to explore a bit more 😊

It would have been nice if user profiles had carried over - I can’t even figure out how to change my name to something more individual on here.

Also, quick tip, I followed the community link from the Intercom settings and got an error message. You might want to update the link 😉


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Hi @User86 and @User832, many thanks for your messages and feedback.

Regarding the user names, the team is working to find a workaround to allow users to change their profile names, in the meantime, we can help change the names for you if you like, I will reach out privately on that.

Regarding the user profiles, during the migration, the team managed to transfer all the users ( the vast majority of the users' new profile names coinciding with the users' real names and surname initials or previous community names), the date when the membership started and the users earned points. We did our best to migrate as much as we could 👍 

All the links are being updated accordingly, many thanks for mentioning this one as well 🙌

We hope you enjoy the new community!


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