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  • 19 January 2024
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Asking on behalf of the user 👉 “One question for my team, we use a workflow-based bot to engage with users when they go to our page; We wanted to be able to have the bot respond to unresponsive customers who drop off the automation rather than just closing out the ticket, specifically if they haven't hit the point where they have responded or our team hasn't stepped in, and has only responded to quick replies. Ideally, we want it where that users can be followed up with automatically if they haven't left that quick reply stage.”


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2 replies

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If you’re looking to reach out to unresponsive customers you can use our ‘Customer has been unresponsive’ Workflow trigger to help nudge them along. You can read up on how to set that up in our article on the subject here!



I am trying this method using “ Customer or teammate has been unresponsive”. 
I would like to reassign an unresponsive customer from a workflow to another team. 

I understand that this flow can only fire if the customer doesn’t respond to a teammate's reply, it doesn’t fire after another workflow. 

For example, if a user stops responding to a button (from workflow). We want this case to be assigned to a specific Team. Is there any way to automate this? 

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