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  • 30 March 2021
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Hello, I'm creating my product tours and I have the following question:


I have a logical path that my end-users should engage with my product tours:


First they must do the product tour A, then the B and then the C.


I've write them in a way that at the last step of the product tour A, a post type step, I give a link that directs the end user to start the product tour B ( the url with the product tour code at the end: "?product_tour_id=217376"). And at the product tour B, just like the A, I created the same last step, but giving the product tour C url.


In that way, when finishing the product tour A, the end-user clicks on the link to the B, and when finishing it, clicks on the link to do the C, just the way I want.


But I noticed that when clicking in the product tour B link, at the end of the A, the last step of the A stills appears on the screen of the URL of the product tour B, instead of starting the tour B.


How can I get this done? I'd really like to make this work. Is it possible to do it the way I'm trying or should I try a workaroud?


If I wasn't clear enough, please, let me know.


Your help is much appreciated! I'm be looking forward to hear from you.


Kind regards!


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Hi @rodrigo m12​ ,

Why not use series for this? Or do you want the user to click on it and proceed to the next tour?

I want that the user to click on it and the proceed to the next tour.


I'm not very familiar with series, could you explain exactly how it could help me?


thank you, kind regards!


I'm having the same issue with setting up the tours. Would greatly appreciate your help on this matter

Can anyone chip in on the subject? Dealing with the same Q here and would love some help

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If you are talking about setting up connected product tours in a Series then it's pretty straightforward. You create a new Series (more info can be found in this article or this one for some FAQ) that includes all the product tours you need. Your audience will then receive one tour after the other.


The problem with the last step of tour A still being open after you click on the link might not be solvable, as this is the expected behavior.